I don’t normally like to discuss or reveal aspects of my Work In Progress until it’s at least half-formed. However, as it’s just the two of us, and as long as you promise not to tell anyone else…

After a long haul, I’m pretty sure the third – and possibly final – Holocaust-based story is finally finished, pending edits. As with The Sugar Men and Rosa’s Gold, it’s set around both World War Two and the modern era. The working title is A Devil’s Mess, and the ‘historic’ part of the story revolves around two Ukrainian men who were best friends as children but whose lives took very different turns just before the outbreak of World War Two. The modern day narrative ‘shell’ of the story revolves around the daughter of one of those men, and the effect their friendship and history has on her life. It’s a bit more of a mystery/thriller than the other two. The story is still under consideration by Lake Union Publishers and will hopefully be released sometime in 2018/2019. More news to follow soon.

I’ve also finished two more Historical Fiction novels.

One is set mostly in officially neutral Ireland during World War Two. It’s something of a departure for me – the story has a greater element of romance than anything I’ve written before.

The other is a story concerning the Lebensborn Programme, set mostly in Finland during the German occupation of World War Two, with a modern day narrative strand set in Canada.

As of April 2018 both of these are also being looked at by Lake Union Publishers, so they are already in quite good shape but will need redrafting. Again, I’m hoping they will be published in late 2018 or 2019, but I’ll post more news here as it develops.

And now I’m mulling over ideas for my next novel.

More news to follow when I have it. Thanks for being interested enough to read on!