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Tales of Loss and Guilt is a diverse collection of 16 short stories loosely based around those two themes. Two of the stories are available as standalone titles.





By far my most successful short story is ‘The Lucky One’, later developed into the novel ‘The Sugar Men’ – with tens of thousands of copies downloaded.

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An elderly woman is haunted by memories of her escape from the holocaust.

But how reliable are painful memories that have been kept at bay for over sixty years?

And at her time of life, what exactly is she searching for?



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‘Guilt’s Beady Eye’ – A Gritty Thriller

We’re all quick to condemn those who break the law.

But think for a moment – how far would you go to protect the one you love if you thought there were no legal alternatives?

In this gritty urban thriller, a responsible mother has a very real dilemma to deal with, and finds her conscience swayed by an unlikely ally.

Would you do the same in her position?

This short story contains a couple of offensive words.

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‘Tales of Loss and Guilt’ is a diverse collection of sixteen short stories containing both of the above.

The stories are broadly on the theme of loss or guilt and range from tense thriller to emotional drama to comic farce.

Most have been shortlisted for prizes, five are winners. All have been revised and reworked for Kindle publication.

Story titles and details:

Guilt’s Beady Eye – a gritty urban thriller.

Fourth Impressions – a twisting comic drama.

Scents of Loss – a heartbreaking drama unfolds from the innocence of a woman taking her dog for a walk.

Choice but No Choice – a tense thriller set in America’s midwest.

Doorstep Challenge – a humorous modern parable.

The Turning Point – an eerie supernatural set near Sonehenge at Winter Solstice.

A Bridge too Near – an urban comic farce of one too many encounters.

Knife-Edge Decision – a young girl is pushed too far and seeks revenge.

It’s Good to Talk, So Make Someone Happy with a Phone Call – a poignant suburban comedy.

Snowed In – a creepy drama set in icebound Canada.

Last Gasp – a whimsical reflection on attitudes to the elderly.

Hot Smoke in a Cold Climate – a portrait of a relationship on the edge.

Part of a Plan – an unsettling mystery story set on a beach somewhere near you.

Christmas Without Captain Coral – a crime mystery with a heavy dose of gallows humour.

The Lucky One – an elderly woman tries to come to terms with her memories of the holocaust.

Sweet Celestial Caress – a warm mystery story gradually reveals itself.

(A few of these stories contain the occasional offensive word.)