This is as cool as I ever get

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Hello and welcome to my website. Really, thanks for dropping by. I’m Ray Kingfisher, the successful writer of novels and short stories.

I write in a few different genres. My most successful books are historical fiction novels, but I also write thrillers and comedies under a different pen name. Tales of Loss and Guilt – a collection of early works short stories – is a pretty good representation of the kind of stories I can come up with on a good day. I also write rather ‘different’ comedies under the pen name Ray Fripp.

You can read more about me and the books I’ve written here, and there’s also a smattering about new releases and other developments. If you want to sign up to my mailing list there are links on this page and on the contact page.

So please, feel free to browse. I promise not to suddenly appear at your shoulder and say, ‘Can I help you?’

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